Two Important Effects Of Climate Change On The Insurance Industry (And What They Might Mean For Your Business)

Climate change is one of those items you might see featured in the news on an almost continual basis, yet it never seems to noticeably affect you. This is about to change though, because scientists have warned that planet earth is already halfway towards the dangerous threshold for climate change. It seems inevitable that some direct and noticeable effects of this phenomenon will soon hit the economy, and one of the industries in which it will most likely have the most profound influence is the insurance industry.

Why it May Not Be Wise to Opt for a High Deductible on Fleet Insurance

Customers have an option to choose what the deductible (the amount you pay out of your pocket in case an insured risk occurs) on their insurance policy should be. Some people choose the highest deductible possible while others opt for the lowest. This article discusses why it may not be a very wise decision to select the highest deductible for your heavy motor insurance. Your Driver's Driving Records Play a Key Role in Premium Rate Assessments